Relationship – first chapter

“Yes, I can definitely relate to that. Force against force is a motif that appears in the holy scriptures. 'an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, an arm for an arm…', this comes naturally to me.”

“Now, let's further examine that same situation. Force is exerted, and resistance is automatically produced. A request arises for something to be done, followed by the automatic response that embodies resistance – 'not now/I'm busy' – which in turn results in an equilibrium of one force facing another. What would happen next?”

“Oh, easy – more force exerted. For example, that parent who asked his kid to do something will raise his/her voice, endowing it with a firmer tone. If it's the kid calling his dad who is busy watching TV, he will repeat his call, only louder.”

“Precisely. But similarly, the more force you mobilise, according to the third law, will result in the same amount of force mobilised by the other side in return. Listen, my ancient friend, we've slipped ourselves into a really interesting discussion. We must retrace our steps and start by explaining what force is and how it is being exerted. Force could be the tone or content of speech, body language, etc. once we figure out what force is, we'll examine how to react to a force being exerted and what options are in our disposal besides the automatic resistant reaction. We shall also learn what is the opposite of force. As I said, a fascinating discussions without a doubt, however I rather conduct it after I'm feeling fresher. You did, after all, wake me up from an indulgent afternoon nap on a full stomach…I'm going to go in the water for a quick wake-up swim, and then we can continue, how's that?”

“This conversation waited thousands of years to happen, a few more minutes won't change a thing. In the meantime I will consider some points you made me think of in my head and see what crops up.”