Relationship – first chapter

“Of course I remember. We were sitting in our chill-out space by the lake, the scenery was as perfect as it is today, ideal time for soul-bearing conversations. When you think about it, it's clear to see that similar to your tragedy, the process of creation too demonstrates the same physical concept. As long as there was no intervention by God Almighty, all remained static, 'And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep'”

“Oh, you and your physics again…you know, I did find the time to go through Wikipedia since last time we spoke and read the laws you formulated. The first law, 'If an object experiences no net force, then its velocity is constant', makes sense to me. Were God not to intervene the way I have, then the existing state of things would have continued the same way. Listen, I'm starting to see these physics around me everywhere and despite being very very old, your explanation is so straightforward that I fail to comprehend how is it that humanity had been overlooking it for so many years…”

“You know, I wrote it once before in one of my early books, that for some reason got lost in the course of history. All my laws, including the three famous ones, were actually me addressing relationships between people. Perhaps it was too soon for mankind to internalise and translate those laws to the realm of relationships, and easier to apply in precise sciences, were they blossomed and succeeded.”

“While I was happily surfing Wikipedia, I discovered that Einstein proved that your laws are invalid in the speed of light.”

“Ah, Einstein, a close friend of mine. Always a pleasure of mine to bump into him here occasionally to discuss matters of the day, and to carry on, even after all these years, to discuss physics with him. His arguments are correct, but lest we forget that what we're more concerned with is human relationships, and despite the way life these days accelerate, in this 'instant' generation where everything is immediate here and now – live reality TV and sports broadcasts, CNN in live coverage of war-zones and revolutions – last time I checked, we're still not exactly moving in the speed of light…”

“Just take a look at what's happening to us here and now, on a daily basis, in every household, between parents and children. All I wanted was to carry on napping, just like a kid in his bed in the morning, and if it wasn't for the parent showing up to wake his beloved child up s/he'd carry on sleeping, just like I would have carried on sleeping here in my hammock if it wasn't for your interference. Like a body in perpetual motion so do I  keep on sleeping as long as no external force is exerted upon me, like my first law of motion 'If an object experiences no net force, then its velocity is constant', in the shape of your whispering in my ear, same as what happened with your tragedy.”

“Thinking again, the first to exert external force was the creator during the creation of the world, while you were the first to have influenced people in such way. Nowadays everybody does it constantly, some less and some more. “