Relationship – first chapter

“Let's get a cloud or two out of the way and take a look. Can you see that man down there sitting on his sofa watching some fascinating TV show – say, Champions' League Finals. Or his friend reading a book, engaged in his affairs and in short, if to use my jargon, maintaining motion. The gravity of the TV/book/any other engagement causes these men to maintain motion in the same course. Now check this out: the man's wife approaches him with typical words, 'off your seat! You should be…' or maybe it's one of his kids calling him, 'dad can you come over for a sec…'. When I was discussing forces, this is precisely what I was talking about. The wife and kid, those are external forces that will cause a change in that man's course of motion, that is to say, cease doing whatever it was that he was doing up to that moment, and instead do what he was asked. Now, let's take a deeper look at that man. Can you spot the big belly and the lifeless stare in his eyes? He will carry on being fat and talking to himself about starting a diet and losing weight, but in actuality his hand will go on reaching for that bowl of crisps and glass of beer. And he will keep showing up at the same workplace and feel dead from the inside until some outside force appears to steer him out of course. It could be a letter of dismissal or some other major event that will push him to act and switch to a different job and make a change, in the same way you were the external force the wielding of which led to your tragedy. You might have had no parents, homework and a computer, but again, take a look on some average kid enjoying his computer game, all caught up in an effort to defeat some mythological villain or break some record. Suddenly one of his parents enter the room demanding that he does his homework, tidy up, or join the rest of the family for dinner. Again, what we see here is an outside force causing the kid to respond. Put yourself in that kid's shoes, or that man's shoes – how would you feel?

Hmmm…well, that's easy. I suppose I’d feel resistance, naturally. To borrow your words, the gravity of whatever it is I’m busy with will make me want to carry on doing it, therefore, when those outside pleas arrive, my automatic reaction to the force exerted upon me would be to resist it.”

“And that's exactly what I referred to in my third law – 'When a first body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force on the first body equal in magnitude and opposite in direction.' – when someone asks you to do something, IE inflicting a force upon you from the outside, your automatic, reflex reaction is resistance. It is just as if you would, for example, punch the wall with your fist and feel the pain, so would your reflex reaction to the demands aimed at you. It could also be your boss at work asking you to fulfil some task while you are deep into some article you're reading online or some Youtube clip.”