Relationship – first chapter

Psssst!….Psssst!…wake up…wake up!

That whisper in his ear, silent, barely audible, woke him out of his deep slumber. It was a Friday, bordering the entry of the week end. He had been pleasantly strolling along the beach, thoughts about this and that rolling in his mind as the rippling waters gently caressed his toes. What more does a man need? A little peace and quiet, plenty of palm trees, a golden shoreline. Simply a perfect day. In fact, to an onlooker, it would probably have looked picture perfect: the finest talents in marketing and graphic design could've never come up with a tourism brochure capturing such a wonderful experience. Such pictures only existed in fairy tales. Yet on second thought, every day is a perfect day in this garden.

Weary of walking and thinking, and after tasting some of the tropical fruit generously and freely offered at the buffet, he chose one of the hammocks spread across the beach for everyone's comfort to lie in. He didn't plan to fall asleep, but slumber sneaked up on him and he sunk into a good, deep sleep.  Up until that silent whisper, that is. Still in the cobwebs of sleep, he tried fighting away the whisper as if dreaming. It's not like something's really whispering in his ear! He tried and tried, but the whisper persisted, quiet and steady, awaiting his response. He opened a single on-duty eye, and saw it was his friend, the ancient one, doing the whispering.

“How are you my ancient friend? Is all well? And what would be the reason to wake me up from such an awesome afternoon nap?”

“Great to see you sleep so peacefully, but what about my sleep? Thoughts keep haunting me since our conversation a few days ago…can barely fall asleep since”

“You know, I suddenly remembered it's Friday, and that Friday is your special day, since everything began on the sixth day for you”

“Of course I remember! Those were the first days of history as humanity knows it. Everything was primal. Things happened fast and in large scale. And he who knew that which he wanted, created a whole world with the draw of a pen, and in merely days. Man, what can I say? When the Lord Almighty knows what he desires, everything turns out very quickly: light and darkness divided, the waters from the heavens, a multitude of living creatures, everything comes for a reason, and I…do you have any idea how long I searched for the reason for my existence, before that conversation we had? Strangely enough, two weeks ago, when you revealed to me that your famous three laws of motion are in fact based on my own personal tragedy, it was a Friday as well. I had no clue at the time what was it that you wanted from me. I can even recall asking you if you perhaps neglected taking your medication that morning, or had something to smoke…and you kept at it, peaceful and calm, addressing me in your quiet, confident voice, creating within me a space of full attentiveness, grabbing me, remember?”